A Ballet Pamper Party goes for two hours with our Ballerina Hostesses.
Suitable for ages 3 to 9 and up to 10 guests.

We transform all the guests into little ballerinas by firstly applying all the make-up and putting all guests hair into a ballerina bun using a hair doughnut (complimentary for each guest to take home.) All guests are treated to a relaxing mini manicure and pedicure and get to choose from a selection of nail polishes.
We then put glitter hairspray throughout the hair to complete the look. 

We bring our custom made glitter robes for all guests to wear for the duration of the pampering, they are then welcome to wear our tutus and ballet slippers supplied for the ballet part of the party.

We bring our portable Ballet Bar, Portable Table with pink panne velvet table cloth, make up/hairstyling chair and two chairs for our foot spas. Then of course all of our pampering equipment.

Packages available:

$340.00 for up to 10 guests and three ballerina hostesses.
$280.00 for up to 6 guests and two ballerina hostesses. 

Plus $20 per extra person. Travel Fee may apply

Custom themed invitations are supplied in the link below.